Thursday, December 2, 2010

he wasn't ready,he was never ready
they came at him early,the wolves
had him frozen and surrounded
he reached out to the bomb and the guillotine gods of pure hatred
knowing nothing but disdain,no choice
just a protection
when transgressions kill
bring them back to life until they
put a strain on things
give me sympathy for simplicity
give me drugs,vacations,symptoms
i would take five hours to sleep

to get behind
an anthem
for the lungs of life i get burned by devices
know that i may not see you again

so please, no cheap thrills splayed out with syndromes
for they jar so easily ,abhorrently,benign and conditioned by penalty bruises

i see you smoking at the window with a rifle in your lap
you stare at me, i know why

counting down, i was,stalking the house, you vow to protect
those demons are very real,those demons you provoke!
tear your lurid body apart they will
fill the immaculate
whispering your name
feeling like a dream
but believe you me
this is no arrow hoax
this is the systematic annihilation

knock on the door
leave a bag
smell your home
drive off
refuse to negotiate
listen to small talk
fend off the advance
call the bluffs
avoid the traffic
receive no compensation a good portion of the time
watch the precedents being set
daydream about you choking on your forty dollar lunch
daydream about real robberies
break one hundred dollar bills
make a run to the homeless shelter
watch the hours go to waste
editorialize the sidewalk sleepers

the earliest realizations are the hardest to follow
after the world is through kicking your ass
you deliver,seek,and sort out punishment

go slower, die slower

work,think,live for the line

churn out the bullets
drop the bombs

it's just flesh,it's only money
only memory is priceless
through payments of blood

so smite the crazy jaywalking fuckers!
who could bare to watch them?
dragging like mud,greetings, zombies
i will not stand for it

we have the green light now
step on it before it's too late

the frame is full of moths
mouths moving frantically
to dispatch the fingernails
the lips are nervous,wet, beautiful
though i don't know how red or pink they are
and if it takes all night,it takes all night
these hours will greet
the applied,tried and denied
trading the fingernails
for the last apple
and any attempts at explanation
will prove to be futile
words squeal,snakes bite in the basket of the mind
shuffling like layers of insects
beneath the rotting wood
invited to the fever party
never mind a chair
i left some shit in my car i want to bring in