Tuesday, July 19, 2011


they showed us how to make a genius disappear
lets cut a species in half and sell it for parts
we can weaken them by the velocity of their own turmoil

those who need a deathbed to see the light
those who inherit the mentalities like heart disease

as the tepid stream erodes the dream
mediocrity is digging an elaborate grave
just for you

the liars scream, "believe me!"
con artists plead for trust
see the barkers choked by sleight of hand
as they learn the fundamental lesson

after the delusions are exhausted, the sanities cannot be exaggerated anymore

you will wake up early sunday morning
to find everyone gone
and finally it will not matter

when there are no more reasons to chase, the reason will chase you

encountering everything excluding the escape or essence
averting attention,perverting convention
seeing the moment fall apart
when the exchange is not a transaction

the shot is sought
the handshake, the nod, the billowing smoke
wounded by arrows of streetlight
divided by divisives
missing them as they evaporate like they were never