Tuesday, July 19, 2011


make no mistake about the wheelhouse
everything is whisper quiet
as the lights blink without a shred of dignity
save for the horns of calamity landscapes

they send dubious signals
delivering anonymous bombs for the withering mob
scatter! you bastards, scatter!

what will you do? will the invalids feel your animosity?
take three in the morning for retributions sake
send five to the morgue if you cant sleep,if they're half your age

let's make for the sidewalk
i hear the engines of bullshit revving
they are incorporated enough
but the satellites getting fuzzier with each blow
to the head, save the neck
it's like that you lose, in, public
incorporated enough

the last marble is rattling the gas can
screaming, day light, save me! window, save me!
this grease fire is out of fucking control!
i'll do anything! i'll jump at your count!

but it is beyond me to duck the lucky punch
you, check the fuses in the flooded basement
i must refuse any further shock, forgive me

streetlight, save me! as sure as the traffic will kill me
i have no time to explain catastrophe
you've either flat-lined, or you haven't
i've felt like a waiting skeleton for quite some time