Tuesday, July 19, 2011


did anyone see you that knew you?
you went down like water
you came up like a volcano

want some more on kids not telling lies?

for moments of detachment, masquerading as transcendent
clutching the holy ember
until it burns the hands it protects
they don't know they're going to die

for moments as beautiful as before they discover otherwise

as fluid as your first cursive pages
of decapitated gods clutching emeralds
the residue is unavoidable,the ink, the line, the changed cadences
even the walk is affected as the deity is dragged to the guillotine

we looked through the kaleidoscope of flesh
to see that the things he once admonished
are now the things we champion
seeing processions of cars we once drove
driven by someone else

if i ever saw one, it was too soon

let me be the dry wax when i break my own rules

here's when i do what i said i would never
here's when i do what i said i would never

i didn't see anything, i only heard a bell
telling me to wake up
i grabbed for the pistol beneath the pillow
but it was too late
as no more days would greet me as a friend now
for i will always be protected in a dream
iced like sirens
in room temperature saline